Guest Post by Mark Miller, Author of LEADERS MADE HERE: Don’t Set The Bar Too Low

I want to lead a great team – don’t you? I want to work on big ideas that will have a big impact. I want to invest my leadership energy in people and projects that matter. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. So where do we begin? We have to start where we are – but thankfully we don’t have to stay there.

One of the things I’ve been guilty of from time to time over the years is setting the bar too low – for myself and my team. This can take many forms, but today I want to talk about how if we’re not careful, we can set the bar too low as it relates to our team.

I’ve discovered key elements needed for creating high performance in a team setting – Talent, Skills and Community. Chick-fil-A President and CEO Tim Tassopoulos challenges our organization to be clear on some important distinctions in this arena.

Coaching from a Whole-Life Perspective

We are not just people with careers, families, or finances to manage; we are whole people in which each area of our lives is interconnected with the others.

This perspective can help us do more than create balance between areas of our life; it can help us discover wholeness. This wholeness starts with our Core. It is what we believe to be true about the world, others, and ourselves. It is where we discover our purpose, define our values, and develop our character.

The areas of our life encircle our Core and can be viewed through the following 8 Dimensions:

Leaders are the ones who run headfirst into the unknown.  They rush toward the danger.  They put their own interest aside to protect us or to pull us into the future.  Leaders would sooner sacrifice what is theirs to save what is ours  and they would never sacrifice what is ours to save what is theirs.  This is what it means to be a leader.  It means they choose to go first into danger, headfirst toward the unknown.  And when we feel sure they will keep us safe, we will march behind them and work tirelessly to see their visions come to life and proudly call ourselves their followers.

Simon Sinek
Leaders Eat Last

“Leadership” is a concept we often resist.  It seems immodest, even self-aggrandizing, to think of ourselves as leaders. But if it is true that we are made for community, then leadership is everyone’s vocation, and it can be an evasion to insist that it is not.  When we live in the close-knit ecosystem called community, everyone follows and everyone leads.

Parker J. Palmer
Let Your Life Speak