Coaching from a Whole-Life Perspective

We are not just people with careers, families, or finances to manage; we are whole people in which each area of our lives is interconnected with the others.

This perspective can help us do more than create balance between areas of our life; it can help us discover wholeness. This wholeness starts with our Core. It is what we believe to be true about the world, others, and ourselves. It is where we discover our purpose, define our values, and develop our character.

The areas of our life encircle our Core and can be viewed through the following 8 Dimensions:

Family & Marriage…we are born into a family…marriage creates a family…we can be single but part of an extended family, committed relationship or community

Physical…our health…wellness…fitness…rest…nutrition…sexuality

Social…our friendships…leisure…play…time off…vacations…sabbaticals from the pressures of life

Vocational…our calling…life work…career…being productive within the waking, working hours of your day

Financial…our earning…spending…saving…and giving

Emotional…core feelings…self aware of our inner world of emotions…self management of feelings…empathy and identity with others

Intellectual…involving intellect rather than emotion…study, learning, mastering concepts…curiosity, exploring new ideas and information…critical thinking

Creative…experiencing the delight of innovation, inspiration, invention, artistic expression…originality, utilizing talents and imagination to enrich our lives and impact others

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Coaching from a whole-life perspective involves clarifying and aligning with your Core, personalizing the 8 Dimensions, creating vision for each dimension, developing a whole-life plan, and allocating time, energy, and focus toward achieving your desired results.

Where could you benefit the most today through coaching from a whole-life perspective?

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