The truth is that the best leaders are the best learners. Leadership can be learned. It is an observable pattern of practices and behaviors, and a definable set of skills and abilities. Skills can be learned, and when we track the progress of people who participate in leadership development programs, we observe that they improve over time.

Barry Z. Posner
James M. Kouzes
The Truth About Leadership

Discover and Leverage Your Leadership Strengths

In 2015, I attended a StandOut strengths assessment certification training with The Marcus Buckingham Company.  I connected immediately with the description provided on my own strengths.  Since then I’ve been incorporating the assessment into my training and coaching.  I love helping people see just how awesome they are and helping them leverage their innate strengths to make a greater positive impact in their work and life.


I recently had the opportunity to serve a young leader through coaching and team development.  We spent part of our time discussing the very real challenges faced by her and her team and then spent the other part focusing on her strengths to lead the team forward.  The most stretching part of our conversation wasn’t discussing the challenges but rather the struggle to accept the positive feedback.

The Best Teams Consistently Apply These 7 Practices

We know that teams have the potential to achieve great results but getting teams to work together well is one of the greatest challenges leaders face. Fortunately, what is needed to be an effective team can be learned.

Cobb Asia Team Members Leading and Achieving Great Results in China

Facilitating team development trainings provides a unique view into what does and doesn’t work well for teams. Over time, I’ve consistently seen the best teams apply these 7 practices to achieve great results: